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It doesn’t matter whether you are a large manufacturer who regularly deals with inventories or the mid-size distributor, Inventory Management features of OctaBees Software have the best solution for your needs. This software offers a fully automated process to streamline and track all your inventory activities. With clear real-time visibility of inventory, use the information, and make the right decision at the right time of what to order and at what price. Save your time and reduce your efforts.

Inventory Product Administration

OctaBees Software enables you to perform a detailed and elaborate manner of inventory administration in the software right from product category, type of products, warranty information, and much more.

  • Setup Product Category, Variant Attributes
  • Create/Import Products
  • Configure Type of Product for sales, purchase, manufacturing
  • Track Inventory (if Inventory needs to be track)
  • Track Serial Number (If serial number needs to be captured for this type of product)
  • Warranty Information
  • Capture GST, HSN, Make, and Photos

Warehouse Management

OctaBees Software assists you in your warehouse management in a perfect execution way along with multi-level warehouses and appropriate controls.

  • Create multiple warehouses for a different location
  • Provide permission-based access to inventory transaction for the warehouse

Material Requisition

An easy material requisition process has been followed by Octabees Software to complete the request of material manufacturing processes.

  • Material Requisition for Project, Customer Order, Manufacturing Order
  • Material Requisition Approval
  • Dispatch of Material on Requisition Approval
  • Email & SMS Notification on Request, Approval, and Dispatch

Inventory Transactions

The process of receiving, dispatching, and removal of stocks without any misunderstanding a clear process is set for the respective.

  • Manually receive/dispatch stock
  • Receive/Dispatch stock against PO
  • Upload Receive/dispatch  Stock file
  • Add Serial number for received/dispatch Stock
  • Pallet wise received/dispatch Stock
  • Barcode Enabled Screen- Receive/dispatch stock using Barcode scanner
  • Receive/Dispatch stock against Invoice, Customer Order, Material Requisition
  • Remove Stock with Reason & Approval

Stock Transfer Management

Don’t jump into a messy process of transferring your stock against Manufacturing orders or else, adapt OctaBees and process it with an easy and in the right way.

  • Transfer stock against Material Requisition, Manufacturing Order
  • Upload transfer Stock file
  • Add Serial number for transferred Stock
  • Pallet wise transfer Stock
  • Barcode Enabled Screen- transfer stock using Barcode scanner
  • Immediate stock Receipt

Track with serial number

Track your inventory smoothly with the serial numbers attached.

  • Find Product from Serial number
  • Check Pending Warranty
  • Check Customer and Vendor for that product

UOM Conversion

Now, insert your Unit of measures according to your requirements.

  • Setup General UOM Conversion
  • Setup UOM Conversion for Product and variant wise


Easily create your bill of materials for the product according to the name and reduce your efforts to insert everything manually.

  • Create Master BOM with Product Name
  • Copy BOM from Other BOM to reduce efforts
  • Import BOM from excel file

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