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Octabees CRM on cloud & premises helps you drive your business growth with a 360-degree view of leads, prospects, customers, costing, quotations, and your salesforce. This empowers you to develop a customer-centric sales process and never miss an opportunity.

Increase your conversion lead ratio into sales by boosting the sales process by maintaining the leads, analyzing data from different platforms may it be websites, social media, marketing, or sales teams. The statistics report generated and the lead dashboards enable you to keep a close eye on the upcoming pipelines and proactively work in the same direction.

Lead Management

Register all your lead information generated along with contact details, number, address details, geographical location. You can also mark the lead as cold, warm, or hot on the basis of your analysis.

  • Customize your lead forms
  • Insert Lead source and also integrate your lead from web-app
  • Quality of lead (Warm, cold, hot)
  • Assigning lead to the members of the sales team
  • Send Emails, SMS, to the leads such as portfolio, brochures, presentations
  • Upload documents, images, videos of individual leads
  • Inspection of site survey of each lead
  • Any internal notes for each lead
  • Tracking, notification, reminders for Follow-up
  • Multi-level Workflow Approval
  • Lead history of all lead activities
  • Audit Trail- Keep track of who is changing what a field-level
  • Create Costing and quotation for each lead according to the requirements
  • A full-flash Gantt-chart report is generated for every task and project progress

Quotation Management

Create your quotation with entirely different customizable quotation templates and share them in continuation directly through emails.

  • Customizable quotation templates
  • Multiple quotation templates for different agenda
  • Send quotations via Emails
  • Create Customer Order from Quotation
  • Keep track of Quotation changes
  • Quotation History for each activity
  • Audit Trail- keeping track of who is changing what at field level
  • Internal Notes for each Quotation
  • Customize inner details such as logos, photos, terms and conditions, technical specifications, delivery timeline and terms, material to be part of service, generations- output, and much more

Customer-Order Management

Manage the customer-order of all leads individually according to your needs and make your sales process neater and productive.

  • Capture basic information
  • Upload PO and PO Detail from Customer
  • Add Extra charges to Customer Order
  • Send Customer Order to Customer in Email
  • Customize Customer Order Templates
  • Create multi-page Customer Order
  • Customer Order History for each activity
  • Audit Trail- keeping track of who is changing what at field level
  • Internal Notes for each Customer Order
  • Printing documents for contractors, agreements, handover kit

Invoice & Payment Management

Create invoices according to the requirements to and send the payment invoices directly online and keep track of the payments of your converted sales leads.

  • Setup Invoice Template
  • Send Invoice in Email to Customer
  • Send the Reminder Email
  • Record the Payment against the invoice
  • Payment Due Report
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